this is not a food blog

December 6, 2013
and it never has been.
and don’t worry – it never will be.  i wrote about the sites i am currently reading the other day, and it struck me how few food/fitness blogs are left.  i used to read several [okay . . . probably more than a dozen], and at one point felt like a member of that ‘community’, whatever that meant.  then i had annabel, got sort of bored of the concept, and moved on.  
but i have to admit: sometimes i miss the food ideas and oddly voyeuristic feel of it all!  and i miss writing about recipes, workouts, and health-related topics.  from time to time.
[i also miss cooking, but not enough to actually start doing it regularly again.]
so, in my new structured blogging experiment, i thought i’d try out a weekly health-related feature.  and, i’ll throw in a little day-in-the-life: food edition post every now and then.  to share favorites, perhaps gather some ideas from you all, and just . . . because.  [i’m sure some of you find it incredibly boring, so just feel free to skip.  perhaps others are interested in this kind of occasional food voyeurism like i am.  no shame.]
sprouted-grain english muffin, eggs, smoked cheddar [delicious] + melons
plus coffee [yes, caffeinated] – not shown.

i dip into this bag pretty much every day, around 10-11 am.

chicken tortilla soup with rice added, salad w/ caesar-esque dressing.  
[meh-but-convenient cafeteria fare]

snack like 15 minutes later

kozy shack chocolate putting + “zen” green tea
beef/turkey/bean chili with tomatoes + peppers, cheese, sour cream [yum] + salad
i didn’t make this, which makes me feel hideously spoiled.  it was GOOD.

“pumpkin pie” cupcake + my mom’s shortbread cookie as crust.  mmmmmmmmm.
and an extra cookie after that.
tomorrow: no more food content.  i promise.

and in other news, i think i have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel!  aghghghgh!!!!  11 weeks [or 10?  or 12, arghgh . . .] left!

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