weekend report

December 9, 2013

you know that feeling when a weekend passes and it just feels like it went?  into the ether somewhere, without any fun or appreciation?

that was not this weekend.  and i’ve got to say that i’m determined to make as many of my weekends as possible like this one – full of joy, family, food, and fun.   my parents are visiting from PHL, so i felt extra incentive to plan some nice activities.  and i definitely feel like the planning paid off!

the rundown . . .

friday night:
okay, actually in direct contradiction to the above i have no idea what we did friday night.  not much 🙂  we had leftovers, and i think i went to bed nice and early.   i somehow got my parents to agree to watch glee with me, which was pretty much perfect.  i am not really into doing anything on friday nights:   i just want to unwind, relax, and go to bed anticipating the rest of the weekend.

oh, and a. got a new doll from her great aunt.

parading her around with grandpa
“baby eating.”  her technique needs work . . .


saturday highlights:
 morning run.  3.77 mi, 11:00/mi average [i take 2 minute walk breaks every mile when outside — more often inside on the treadmill, oddly enough!]

special thanks to the gparents for lots of morning playtime so that i could run! [and nap, and . . .see next item!]

 prenatal massage!!!  i had my first massage since moving at uhma spa while my parents stayed with annabel during her naptime.  so wonderful.

 family dinner out.  ever had dutch/indonesian cuisine?  me neither — until last night.  think lots of satay-type sauces and delicious seafood.  our first time at indomania, but definitely not the last — this was different and delicious.

sunday highlights:
 cousins brunch.  i picked up bagels and lox, put out some pre-cut fruit salad, made a quick strata, and DONE.  5 of annabel’s [second] cousins were there, and there was enough kinetic energy in our house to prevent annabel from napping for quite some time even after they left, despite it being past her usual time!  hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight  . . .

 couch nap.  an essential element of every weekend, as far as i’m concerned.  this one was short [30 minutes] but sweeeeeeeet.  i woke up worrying about getting everything done in time for dinner, but it worked out.

 josh’s bday dinner!  and our first real dinner party since moving.  josh very sadly arrived late to his own party [he spent his birthday weekend on call], but thanks to my parents the event went spectacularly!   greek-themed dinner for 13:

hummus, pita, olives
simple greek salad with feta
lemon roasted potatoes from cook’s illustrated
chicken and lamb kebobs with peppers & onions
german chocolate bday cake [from epicure] for dessert

happy 39!!!

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