2014: so far, so good

January 1, 2014

last night’s festivities ended [for me, and annabel] at approximately 9 pm, and therefore i think i started 2014 the most rested of any january 1st since . . . well, maybe ever.

and today i woke up excited to put some of my shiny new january goals into action.  i think my first act of the day was — drumroll — deleting the facebook app from my phone.  if i decide come february that i really missed it, i’ll bring it back.  [and i’m still planning to check in from my computer of course — this will just help me eliminate that mindless faux-connectedness that random frequent check-ins tends to bring].

YES.  onward to more patience, less distraction, and more deliberate pursuits.  such as the book i’m about to read [for 5 minutes] followed by the nap i’m inevitably going try to take.*

new years’ eve: josh and i have spent many 1/1s in miami beach, but this one was pretty special since we actually LIVE here now.  a’s grandparents along with her uncle and aunt [josh’s brother + s-i-l] prepared a feast consisting of “everyone’s favorite foods.”  from burgers to bananas [there were a lot of kids!], everything was incorporated.  

bebe presenting the table
dinner for 13 [5 kids, ranging from 20 months – 7 years, plus 6 parents and 2 grandparents] was pulled off with nary a hitch.  i was impressed.
the artichokes were my favorite part of the dinner spread – 
with luscious mushroom risotto a close second

[although my official favorite food contribution was peanut butter — 
which was incorporated into dessert!]
1/1 so far:
thus far, i haven’t had to go into the hospital, which allowed for:
* this run:
[even though i look like THIS now:
OMGGG, i still have 7 weeks left until my due date.  how is this even possible!?]
* family outing to south pointe park in south beach [annabel with her uncle + cousin]

 * more outdoor time at our local playground:

just hangin’

happy new year!

PS:  i haven’t forgotten about the monthly donations — 
late this fall, i started donating all monthly earnings from this blog to different worthy causes [here’s november and december].  this month’s recipient to be announced tomorrow.


* subject to pager/phone call interruptions, as i’m on call, but i am feeling zen about it and remain open to whatever comes.  the end.

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