January 27, 2014

there were some bitter moments and some sweet ones.  i am ending this weekend feeling a) incredibly tired and b) very close to and emotional about my firstborn.

high and lowlights:

– 1 hour long nosebleed [me]
– 1 bee sting [me]
– 0.6 swim classes completed [annabel and me.  ahh well.]
– 1 massage [saturday.  ahhhhh.]
– many thin mints [me]
– 1 complete meltdown [not me]
– 1 naked, slippery toddler attempting to run across the bathroom floor during meltdown [not me]
– 1 incredibly long hug after said meltdown
– 4 opportunities to rock/sing my [still sometimes a] baby to sleep
– not enough hours of naptime [ahh well]
– baby clothes all sorted into NB-3m [to be washed this week], 3-18 m, and annabel – giveaway* piles.  that part was HARD.  i think #2 is it for us, so i have no realistic need — nor do i have space — to keep annabel’s more feminine clothing [ie, 99% of it].  tears were shed.  if hormonal instability were an indicator of labor, i might as well just sleep at the hospital tonight.

this disaster is not gone, but. . . better.

~3 weeks left of having ONE.

[and 0 weekends left of doing it all on my own — at least until after my due date.  HALLELUJAH!]

* does anyone want a bunch of halo sleepsacks — white and pink — in fleece?  they are definitely used but in good condition.  the climate here just isn’t conducive to fleece, so i don’t see us using them ever!  i’ll ship ’em [on me] to anyone who would like them.

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