things that need adjustment:

January 16, 2014

1) that whole plan about nighttime workouts.   i.  just.  can’t.   like, absolutely 100% CANNOT at this juncture.  contemplating just not worrying about this at all [and filling up the ‘extra’ time with SLEEP] until after baby.  i’m 35 weeks, and maybe i need to just hang out and savor that fact and the legitimate-enough excuse of being really, really pregnant.  just because last time i ran until 40 weeks doesn’t mean that if i don’t this time around i am a giant FAIL.

[but i kind of feel like one and my stress levels do not like the lack of movement.  sigh.]

2) some of my resolutions.  my first two resolutions are turning out to be really, really difficult.   my first, which is to eliminate the feeling of RUSHING from life, is posing a challenge.  especially on call, and this month is filled with . . . a lot of that.  the second is to eliminate certain internet distractions.  i’ve been BETTER – taking the facebook app off of my phone and very seriously paring my blog-reader list has helped.

but i’m still falling off the wagon multiple times a day.  i hate that i check my email in elevators.

3) attitude.  i soooo did not want to fall into the ‘i just can’t wait until . . .’ mindset, but i find it’s upon me again.  work is still great, but very busy right now.  the idea of maternity leave and just spending hours lying around with our new baby boy sound so nice right now.  even though i know the fantasy version [sleeping, easily-feeding baby — ha!] is nowhere near reality.

i want to enjoy the time i have left as a parent of ONE beautiful not-so-baby girl, and not be wishing away my last month [or so] of work for a while.

4) annabel’s sleep schedule.  okay, i remembered the parts in healthy sleep habits, happy child where they kept reinforcing that later bedtime did NOT mean later wakeup [and it often meant the opposite].  we’re stuck in a pattern where a. keeps going to bed later and getting up earlier.  and she is quite touchy and tired at times as a result.

i’m not talking about any extreme sleep deprivation and realize it could be much worse.  but i know many toddlers her age who sleep 7p-6a or thereabouts, plus a 2 hr nap.   last night she went 8p-5:30a, and then napped for a grand total of 20 minutes [although this wasn’t totally her fault – usually she’s home for nap and today stayed at day care].

5) my eating habits.  just UGH lately.  and i don’t even have the first tri to blame!  the worst part is how horrendous i have been about drinking water, mostly because when i do i have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes [not an exaggeration].

going to bed.  if you have any words of wisdom to offer on any of these points, pleeeeeeeeease do.

PS: i still haven’t committed to a bag color!  i’m actually leaning towards the green though i know it will disappoint some of you 🙂

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