weekend observations

January 13, 2014
i had a really, really, REALLY good weekend.
essential elements:
– really good weather [here, this means sun and 70s-low 80s during the day, and high 60s+ at night]
– a full social calendar.  annabel and i basically went from playdate to playdate!  nothing fancy — a lot of sunny playground trips and a [ridiculously fun] sleepover at our house with my friend d. and her 8 year old daughter, who is super sweet and mature and loooooved playing with annabel.  
– acceptance of josh’s call responsibilities.  i didn’t see him much, aside from an hour or two on saturday night.  he’s still at the hospital now.  i had one near-sulking incident [because he was going to try to make it for a’s swim class, and then couldn’t] but a’s awesome grandfather stepped in and saved me from having to hold annabel in the pool*.
– a lot of takeout 🙂 this made things easy
– 2.5 hours from our wonderful babysitter on sunday afternoon, during which time i went to get a prenatal massage.  ahhhhhhhhhh.
– finally having energy to work out again — gently.  today i took a treadmill walk during a’s nap and topped it off with a 20 minute prenatal yoga routine.  yesterday i did this ‘run’.  it was probably half running, half walking, but i still demand a gold star because it was with annabel and the stroller:
. . . and i look like this:
about to be 35 weeks
(actually i honestly don’t think this [mirror, iPhone] pic even does the bump justice —
probably because i had trouble turning completely sideways and still angling the phone.)
in person i basically look like i’m due to deliver tomorrow or possibly right now.
some key moments:

taking her doll all around the playground . . .

 when i turned around for like 30 seconds and came back into the kitchen to find she had CLIMBED UP INTO HER HIGH CHAIR and — looking quite pleased with herself — was trying to buckle it.  this nearly sent me into labor.


bits of joy
during my massage**, i started making a little ‘bits of joy’ list in my head, as described by laura vanderkam in her resolutions post [and i believe in her 168 hours book].   since a lot of my january goals have been about eliminating wasted time and negative energy . . . i feel like i need to find good things to FILL those little [often REALLY little] pockets.  after all, breaks are not inherently a bad thing.  i just don’t want to fill them all up with things that have been making me feel empty.

here are some ideas i came up with . . .

5 minutes
listen to a song
write a quick email to a friend
look at pictures/videos
attempt to meditate [i’m terrible at this, but maybe some day . . .]

15 minutes
plan out an upcoming weekend:  make a few playdate inquiries or figure out a local destination to check out
peruse rottentomatoes or another similar website to start a list of ‘want to watch’ movies
browse the online sale ‘racks’ at baby gap or mini boden for baby clothes

30 minutes
draft a blog post
take a walk [or a drive] to get some tea [or coffee . . . or a snack.  depending on mood!]
find a few recipes to try for the next week and make a shopping list
read:  for pleasure, or about an interesting or controversial work-related topic
order a gift [even if it will be a little early] for a friend/relative’s upcoming birthday

i need more!!  ideas?

* in retrospect it probably would have been doable but in other classes we’ve gone into water that’s too deep for me to stand easily in, and i know i would STRUGGLE in my current state trying to wrangle a. and myself.  and feel ridiculous in the process.

** i never zone out during massages — i’m either going through to-do lists [ugh] or thinking nice happy flowing thoughts, often about the future [better!]

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