Rules for maternity leave #2

February 28, 2014

by me, for me.

(written on phone with Cameron on my lap)
1. Slow down.  No need to rush anything.  Anything!!
2. Have a very loose plan for each day.  
3. Have a fun activity w Annabel daily.  Even if very low key.
4. Get outside daily.  Start w walks and build up.  
5. Eventually (4 weeks?) add other exercise.  Short workouts best – esp at home!! Ideas : yoga, barre3, Jillian Michaels
6. Save phone surfing for breastfeeding.  This is way more than enough time!
7. Starting Monday, try 1-2 pumps daily to start building stock. But no stressing over what you do or do not get.
8. Think about putting more books on iPad for better reading during downtime when it does happen.  Because Facebook really only needs to be checked every few days or so.
9. Work on overall mindfulness.  This is the perfect time to improve ability to stay in the present moment.
10. Eat well.  And since you already feel breastfeeding hunger setting in, make sure it’s enough!  And make sure you are drinking enough.  Feel confident that any excess baby weight will come off naturally and easily as it did last time.
11. Make some social plans and more specific family plans for weekends.
12. Take pictures and savor the small moments.  This is likely the last chance (for a long time anyway) to have an extended block of time home with A and C.
13. Don’t spend time worrying about little things.  Especially: trying to control things that cannot be controlled, like sleep schedules, eating schedules, and pumping volumes.  It is all so temporary anyway!
14. Remember how incredibly lucky you are, and be thankful.  2 healthy beautiful children.  Help from a wonderful nanny during the day on weekdays.  An uncomplicated recovery (at least seems that way so far).  A decent leave (9 weeks left!).  A supportive husband and family.  It doesn’t get much better than this and is well worth 1 am (and 2:30, and 4 …) wakeups.