~1 month out: part 1, BODY

March 18, 2014

[part of 3 part series:  body / mind / heart]

Cameron will be 4 weeks old on Thursday!

There are few (if any) life events that can match the arrival of a new family member.  There is no avoiding it: everything changes, for better or for worse.  Roles are called into question, routines are obliterated, and emotions run high — often magnified by hormonal change and sleep deprivation.

At nearly 1 month, here is how I am faring physically.  In the other sections, I’ll include some notes on how our family as a whole is functioning.

This transition has been the easiest for me. 



I have mentioned before that I’m not someone who loooooves being pregnant.  My pregnancies were never terrible, and I did not suffer from debilitating morning sickness at all.  However, I am being honest when I say I much prefer being . . . not  pregnant.  I have so much more energy, find it easier to play around on the ground with Annabel, and for whatever reason, I just feel better about myself. 

I gained ~24 lbs with this pregnancy, and I’m down about 20.  The other 4 are hanging out (quite literally, ha!) in my chest and midsection.  I’m not ‘in shape’ by any stretch of the imagination, and my body is nowhere near ‘back to normal’ (whatever that means).  But I am grateful to fit into several pairs of pre-preg jeans (really, ones that were on the bigger side before).  I’ve shipped away all of my maternity clothes to a pregnant friend, and do not miss them. I don’t feel like I look terrible and I’m in no hurry to get the last few pounds off — in fact, I’m happy to keep them while breastfeeding if they’ll support a good milk supply.

I have been just walking for exercise, covering 2-3 miles several days per week.  Today I snuck in a 5 minute jog on the treadmill just to see what it felt like (answer: GREAT, although I need to get out my most supportive bras . . .).  I am looking forward to doing more soon, but not too much more.  Again, I’m looking to treat my body gently while I remain C’s primary food source.  

I am sleep deprived but not to an extreme extent.  I try to go to bed soon after C starts his longest sleep stretch (generally around 8-9 pm, lasting 3-3.5 hours).  Usually I feel like utter @#*& at the midnight and 2/4/5ish am feedings, but okay by the time morning rolls around.  Some days I take a nap at around 2 pm while A naps and C hangs out with our nanny.  I am very grateful that this is often an option.

Finally, breastfeeding has gone really well.  I had some soreness/blistering/etc for about a week, and that was that.  C. is growing well, and I generally stash away an extra 3 oz each day for the freezer after his morning feeding.  This is less than many get, but more than I was able to sock away last time.  Also BF-related:  as I mentioned in the last post, I am extremely hungry and eating a LOT – more than I remember having to do with Annabel.  Currently I’m working on trying to make the majority of those extra calories healthy ones, but this is a work in progress (I maaaaay have had a run-in with half a pint of Half Baked last night.  No regrets).

So, this is the physical report, one month out.  MIND and HEART to follow in subsequent posts . . . and maybe I’ll revisit every once in a while as things change in this crazy transitional period.

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