March 25, 2014

Cameron update
Still freaking cute.
Still eating every 2.5 – 3 hours overnight (which is wayyyy better than 2!).

Currently, he’s IN THE ZONE.  Thank you to those of you who encouraged this purchase.  I sort of hate owning a behemoth contraption that has a shelf life of approximately 4 months, but I love that it makes him calm and happy.  At least for the moment.

Life update
Things are running a bit more smoothly over here.  My parents are visiting from Philadelphia, providing not one but two sets of loving hands (a hot commodity around here right now).  Every day I’m feeling a little bit less like ‘postpartum me’ and more like me me.  But it’s definitely a process.

Sleep helps.  A lot.

There is a lot more to write about, but I need to organize my thoughts and divide things up into manageable post-sized chunks.  I miss writing.

Interesting things / links:
Despite feeling like I have ‘no time’, I’ve been reading more (on- and offline) than I ever could while working.  Most of this is done while breastfeeding, but hey — it still counts! 

Currently making my way through:
overwhelmed: work, love, and play when nobody has the time by brigid schulte.  so far i’m not finding much new content, as this topic has been rehashed to death.  i’m also not finding any unique answers as to how to stop feeling . . .well, overwhelmed at times*.    i did enjoy the chapter about the equal-parenting utopia that denmark seems to be.

wild: from lost to found on the pacific coast trail by cheryl strayed.  recommended quite a while ago, and i really like it so far.

Bookmarked posts from the last 2 weeks:
feeling defeated? here’s how to rebound from the simple dollar.  kind of needed this one the other day.

sick day from mothers in medicine

how to wake up every morning on top of the world from tiny buddha.  although a few more consecutive hours of sleep would probably do that for me right now . . .

next stage financial advice, by nicole and maggie.

pizza spaghetti squash from iowa girl eats.

do the most important thing first from the happiness project

the universe of a single task from zen habits

carrot cake baked oatmeal from oh she glows

on hands-free living from writing chapter three

how does being a penelope affect the way you parent? from penelope loves lists

* the answers I already knew boil down to:

1) Get help (from family or hired).
2) Stop trying to live up to impossible standards.
3) Do not feel guilty about either of the above.

However, I still find it hard and sometimes get overwhelmed anyway.


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