how it’s going

March 4, 2014

that a few of you felt that i was setting my sights too high with my last post.  as i wrote out the list, my aim was to  cultivate a relaxed attitude and just treat myself as well as possible — but i can see how trying to grasp for mindfulness in the midst of 2 am feedings might sound a bit ambitious.

so far — we’re doing okay.  it would be crazy for me to suggest that newborns are easy, especially after last night [not sure i got a single 2 hour stretch of sleep].  however, there is something nice and simple about newborn care — there are no mind games, challenges, or tantrums, just basic human needs that i feel capable of fulfilling.

of note, i am not attempting to play the supermom card in any way, shape, or form.  i am overwhelmed by the thought of what SAH-parents do every day, and do not mean to suggest that the newborn period is an easy one.  however, for me there were harder times — in fact, probably 12-18 months was my least favorite phase.   [fine, more like 10-20 if we’re being honest].

and therefore:  i think the ‘rules’ are fairly reasonable.  we’ll see how things go!

so far:

❉ we’ve been going everywhere.   at this age, i think annabel had been on stroller walks by this point, and to the pediatrician.  cameron has been:

– to a’s swim class [josh went in the water, not me!]

– to brunch
– to the playground

– to south pointe park [oceanfront park in south beach]

have carseat, will travel

he’s actually much more portable than, say, an 8 month old.  i am not terribly concerned about germs, because a) he stays on me or in his seat, and b) we have an almost-2-year-old who attends day care part time at home, so our home is probably as dangerous of a place as any with respect to infections.  and in fact, annabel has already had a cold.  so far cameron and i are not showing any symptoms and she is better, so i have my fingers crossed we are out the woods there.

i’m not the most graceful at public breastfeeding, but i don’t really care this time around.  we use a cover when possible and it’s not as stressful as it was with a.

❉ annabel:  i am sure that periods of adjustment are still looming.  however, so far this big sister has been a rock star.

yes i knooooow.
she has had nothing but sweet things to say about her baby brother and is always trying to bring him something:  a paci, a blanket, her doll, food πŸ™‚  she calls him ‘baby cameron’ and greets him with an enthusiastic multisyllabic “hiiiiiiiiiii!” every morning.  i realize things may change when josh [her favorite, let’s be honest] goes back to work.   but right now i have been really REALLY impressed with her sisterly behavior.
❉ cameron:  has a sweet disposition and seems a bit more relaxed than annabel was at his age. however, review of meticulous records kept with annabel [that i’m not keeping this time around . . .] reveal that he doesn’t sleep as well as she did.  most nights are punctuated by every-2-hour wakeups, after one mercifully ‘longer’ stretch of 3-3.5 hour or so starting at 7pm.  naps are great IF you’re holding him, otherwise they are short.  ahh well, he’s 12 days old and therefore allowed.  i’m not trying to control his schedule in any way other than attempting to prevent ‘snacking’ – i think he’d eat every hour if i let him!
he has his ped appointment thursday, but i am pretty confident that he is thriving.  
❉ me:  i would be lying if i didn’t admit to being tired, because i totally am DESPITE having a ton of help.  however, usually i wake up each day in good spirits even if i’m ready to tear my hair out at 3am.  breastfeeding has been successful so far, although i did not pump today [got a lot yesterday in one session post-feeding, but then cameron seemed to be starving the rest of the day, so i’m going to go a little slower].  
i’m physically feeling pretty good despite the sleep deprivation and have started taking c. for morning walks [45 minutes or so].  i am already freaking STARVING 24/7 and, like last time, can tell that losing the pregnancy weight is not going to be an issue.  my clothes are a long way from fitting ‘normally’ but i feel like i’m doing really well for just 12 days out to be wearing any pre-preg jeans at all.  
❉ 2 under 2:  i am completely unqualified to use this phrase or hashtag, because josh has been home since c’s birth, we still have our nanny, and annabel goes to day care in the mornings.  my first big alone challenge will be the weekend of march 15-16, when i’ll be on my own for the first time with both.  TIPS WELCOME.  wish me luck . . .