March 10, 2014

i’m starting to adjust to the whole off from work with an infant routine.  in fact, i am happy that i can now use the word ‘routine’ and actually mean it, to some degree.  while cameron certainly doesn’t have his day/night cycle straight yet, i am finding myself clinging to any semblance of structure in my day.

[maybe it’s to make up for the nights, which are still quite . . . freestyle.  but that is to be expected.]

josh just went back to work today, and i am just starting to figure out what works best for me/cameron/annabel.  i am lucky [and thrilled] to have help from our nanny g. throughout the day, and this is making leave #2 less stressful than leave #1 so far.   

our daily template:
[new and improved, status post daylight savings time shift!]
[[this is in part a fantasy schedule, since with josh back at work it’s a new routine.  but this is how things are shaping up so far . . .]]

~ somewhere around 6-7a:  get up for the day.  i’d gladly sleep in later if cameron would be up for it, but his sleep tends to become quite fragmented by 3-4 am, happening only in 1-1.5 hour chunks — or less.  once i’ve tired of playing ‘pop in the paci’, i just bite the bullet and get up.

7a:  annabel up!  [it used to be 6!  i am going to try everything in my power to keep things shifted an hour later, because i much prefer it this way.]  breakfast with a.  i am into oatmeal these days, as it is a galactogogue.  g. arrives at 7:30.

8a:  hang out with annabel, feed cameron.  g. helps get annabel dressed and ready to go.  at around 8:50, g. and annabel leave for school.

9a:  I hang with c. and pump.  this is going okay, and my stash is very slowly expanding.  i’m only pumping once daily right now, because c.’s feeding are unpredictable.  eventually, i’ll do once in the AM and once in the evening — that is, if/when c. eventually chooses a ‘stable’ bedtime.

10a: morning walk with c. in stroller.  [eventually, i’ll probably run with annabel to school in lieu of walking sometimes, but my OB wants me to wait a few weeks.  i am surprisingly okay with this.]  eat breakfast #2 afterwards.

11a: hang out with c., feed c.  eventually eat lunch.  perhaps write a post like this one.

1p: annabel home from school with g.  she takes a bath, we read and hang out before her naptime.

2p:  feed c., and then annabel and i both nap.  i also might take care of some loose ends [i have a pretty easy project list to work on — things like organizing files and giving away maternity clothes, but nothing major.]

4p:  [sometimes later] annabel is up and c. needs to eat, so my nap ends too.  snacks all around followed by a trip to the playground.  or, a home project like baking scones [going to do this tomorrow!] or just some play time with a.  once it gets warmer, I am determined to make good use of the pool.

wild card:  we’re going to let annabel watch a show daily if the time/moment seems right — i figure that she’s close enough to 2 [23 months!] and . . . i’m pretty sure that even i watched some PBS at that age.  so, yeah.  so far, we’re just shown her some 1/2 episodes of sesame street and also some dora.  recs for decent toddler shows welcome.

6p:  g. goes home [or often i will send her earlier if things are under control].  I have dinner with annabel [and josh if he can make it home].  i meal plan each week, but g. has taken over the cooking since she started, usually in the AM.  she is incredibly efficient and i am extremely appreciative of her skills.  around this time, c. begins cluster feeding, usually wanting to eat at least hourly.

7:30p:  start winding things down with annabel.  read books, dim lights, etc.  attempt to keep c. relatively calm so that I can focus on a.

8p:  annabel bedtime.  tonight, josh got home right as we were finishing up and read the last 2 stories.  

9p:  bedtime for c. and me.  because a typical night = wakeups at perhaps 11, 1:30, 3, 4:30, 5:15, 6.  hopefully this will consolidate a little soon!
Scenes from the day . . .

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