annabel is 2!

April 6, 2014

cause for celebration
Somehow, 2 years have passed since Miss Annabel came into the world.  I already forget what it was like before she was here — she has changed me and shaped our family in so many ways already.  She is happy, charming, witty, and really just quite a force these days.

We celebrated with a simple family gathering.  In these Pinterest-y days, I felt bad for about 0.002 seconds that there was no hand-designed photo banner ordered from Etsy (done in faux-chalkboard style, of course).  Instead, we had Elmo-themed decor and balloons from Party City.

She loved them.

And, I will say that the food was good πŸ™‚

the menu

coffee, la croix, juices
bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese
martha stewart’s tomato-pesto frittata
fruit salad and plain yogurt
A’s grandparents (both sets!) were there, plus a few other close family members and friends.  The only other kids were Annabel’s cousins, aged 5 and 6 — she is very close to them as they live just blocks away.  We all had brunch, and after eating A got to open her gifts.  This was really fun, as it was the first holiday that she seemed to truly get that the presents were for her — that it was her special day.  
her poppy — josh’s father — in the background

me with both parents – genetics at work πŸ™‚

We finished with the carrot cake cupcakes and a rousing rendition of happy birthday — Annabel had been waiting for HER birthday song and candles for quite some time!  I only cried a little as she sang jubilantly and then almost managed to extinguish the flame on her own.

My baby is growing up.
[TOMORROW:  22 things about Annabel at age 2.]