april: mixed media

April 21, 2014
** first, a note:  Thank you all for your helpful thoughts/comments on the smartphone addiction post.  I really am committed to changing this habit, and will keep you all updated! **

AKA: Things I’ve been enjoying this month.

It’s a rather standard blog topic, but I have to admit I always love reading these posts from other writers.    SO: I think I’d like to make this a regular feature.
If nothing else, it will force me to remember that there IS a world outside of babies/work/etc.  Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in a tight little pattern of doing and thinking about . . . not enough.

Courtney Barnett, A Sea of Split Peas
I first heard Courtney Barnett’s “Avant Gardener” (what a name!) on NPR Music and it was love at first listen.  I now have her double album, and it’s consistently great.  She’s Australian and comes across as just perfectly irreverent, with great lyrics and catchy hooks.  

listen here on youtube

I’m still in the first half of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, but as Mr C’s sleep becomes more predictable I am hoping to pick up my pace.  So far, it’s beautifully written and quite captivating.  Sorry, I know it’s probably lame to recommend something I haven’t actually finished, but I’ve been slow in the reading department lately.  (Reason #92732 why I need to tame my timewasting phone habits).

I recently discovered Julia’s blog: My Life In Transition.  She works as a physical therapist and has 2 young children with one on the way.  She has a great series called “Moms Making it Work” which has a great balance of WOHM/SAHMs and other hybrids in between.  She also does ridiculously detailed day-in-the-life posts which I personally find fascinating.
TED talk

I loved Jennifer Senior’s book All Joy and No Fun, and her TED talk is the Cliff’s notes version.  In it, she shares her view on today’s anxiety-ridden overparenting and the price of focusing too much on our children’s happiness as an end goal (because is that something you can really control anyway, and at what expense?).  

I am the opposite of a TV connoisseur!  Still, I am excited that Mad Men is back.  Josh and I kicked off the DVR’d season premier last night.  I watch very few shows but cling to the ones I do love with a fierce loyalty.  

Anyone have any great media recommendations right now?
I am sad to say that I can’t list a single movie I’ve seen recently — because there haven’t been any!

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