baby #2: things that are different

April 13, 2014
muffin + mini-muffin

✔ I care less about naps/sleep patterns.  In fact, I couldn’t tell you how many naps C typically takes. I know that’s partially due to age, but I definitely had an idea of our “schedule” even at this age with A.

✔ I am in less of a hurry for things to be “normal” because I know how quickly they will change.

✔ I am (I think) less crazy about milk supply.  I am putting in what I consider to be a reasonable pumping effort (daily morning pumps now, with >100oz banked in the freezer) but refuse to let it dominate my life/thought pattern as I did at some points with Annabel.  While I  am committed to breastfeeding (and I do enjoy the breastfeeding relationship, just as I did with A), I am also open to supplementing with formula as needed once I return to work, assuming that at some point may not be able to quite keep up with demand.

✔ On a related note, I am dreading pumping less and appreciate it as a break (!).  Although I know it will be much more stressful at work.

✔ I feel confident about getting babysitters for some me time, or just to help provide some relaxed one-on-one time with A or C.

✔ I am okay with my body not being 100% “back” at this point.  I am not saying I loooove every aspect of how I look (because I don’t!), but I also have a calm sense of acceptance of what it is right now.   I also don’t see the point in making my own body a focus (ie, attempting to lose fat/increase muscle/drop a few vanity pounds) until I’m not responsible for most of C’s nutrition.  I’m honoring my breastfeeding hunger and enjoying it 🙂 Again, I think this all comes down to acknowledging how temporary this stage really is: I see this phase as so transient that I might as well just settle in and enjoy it for the short haul.

✔ I am actually looking forward to work (using another part of my brain, the social aspects, getting into flow state) and feel good about this.

✔ I don’t feel guilty about going back to work.  Okay — maybe a tiny bit, but nothing compared to how I felt dropping Annabel off at her first day of day care at 12 weeks.  I feel very confident that my children are going to get really expert and loving care while I am gone.

✔ I know that I will be tired and that this will be challenging but I realize more that at least the sleep aspect will eventually get easier.


Last night we went out for Thai as a family of 4.  1 relatively quiet 7-week old, 1 well-behaved 2-year old, and 2 adults with actual meals consumed (including 1 glass of wine for each parent) and no crying?


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