brief updates, by the numbers

April 29, 2014

3: days of maternity leave left before I am back at work.  (Yes, I’m starting on a Friday.  Yes, that was on purpose!  Very happy to have one catch-up day and then a weekend to regroup before starting for real).

88:  degrees F during my run today.  I have decided that since I live here, I’m going to have to get used to running in warmer temps.  Truthfully, I didn’t think it was that bad — there is always a bay breeze here and since the duration was short (31 minutes) I didn’t really have enough time to get overheated.

24:  consecutive hours I spent over the weekend with NO recreational internet use!  WOOHOOO!  I would not say that I am ‘over’ my addiction yet, but I am making progress.

2: nightly wakeups these days, as you could probably gather from the recent DITL post.  C is reaching the age where everyone seems to enjoy asking, “Does he sleep through the night?”  Uhh no, but I still think he’s a pretty awesome (and easy) baby.  I found myself searching the blog archives to see when Annabel went down to one wakeup (looks like at about 3-4 months).  Hoping that C will follow suit, but I realize that they are two different babies, so I am prepared for whatever.

2:  playdates this past weekend!  I have to say I really love playdates, especially on the weekends that Josh is on call.

3: days I have been tracking my eating.  I am trying to strike a better balance in this area and often find that just writing things down for a short stretch helps.

1: month I have been using my new planner.  I promise I’ll share my system with you all in the next few days.  I really like it so far.

2: peas in a pod!

OMG.  Sometimes I see them together and just can’t believe they are really both mine.   (Well, mine and Josh’s.  Ours.)