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April 10, 2014

Want to know how to feel grown up?
Purchase a dishwasher.  Seriously, I think I JUST became a Real Adult.

Lovely links lately . . .
☆ Finance/budgeting/investing is not something I know much about, nor is it something I’ve ever been particularly drawn to.  However, I am loving The Simple Dollar lately.  Here are his thoughts on one of my favorite topics:  time.

☆ Another time-themed post from fellow paper enthusiast zoe at homeHow my view of time has changed since having children

☆ I really enjoyed this post today from Caitlin:  3 ways to challenge your personal narrative.  There are so many negative (tired!) narratives floating around in our culture today, and I agree with her that they are unproductive and can be damaging.  I hope that by writing this blog I do contribute to the collection of positive narratives out there, in my own small way.

☆ I am kind of into minimalist blogs now, even though I am FAR from a minimalist — on the outside, anyway.  Through miss minimalist, I discovered The Gardener’s Cottage, a sweet, interesting and very positive blog.  Check out the post having just enough.

☆ I am sooooooo not “primal” or grain-free, nor do I aspire to ever follow a full paleo-style diet.  But I am a little bit intrigued by the movement, and acknowledge that it can work for some people.  (Anyone have experiences to share?).  I also would like to learn more about it for my patients.  Though there are certainly many controversial ideas on Mark’s Daily Apple, I found this post on exercise to be very straightforward and powerful:  Will we ever accept that exercise is often the best medicine?

☆ Proof that I could never fully claim to be minimalist:  I am getting excited to shop again, though I am not at my ‘forever’ size yet (at least I don’t think so!) so I can’t go too crazy.  That said, I’m loving the online inspiration from my favorite fashion blogs.  Recent useful EA post: Work and weekend dresses under $100.  


Mr. C:
(7 weeks)

(Those are Annabel’s pajamas 🙂 )

A at firefighter day at school:

Bebe and C celebrating her bday:

Normal life:

A’s celebration at school:

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