small victories and things left unseen

April 16, 2014

so i now have a laundry list of topical posts to write.
However, please know that I have no plans to ditch the meandering ‘what’s going on’ types of posts that have always been the mainstay of this blog.  In my introspective mode the other day, I actually read many of my own posts (the ‘early days of Annabel’ months).  It was interesting.

So much has changed, and so much is the same.

Also, I’m glad I’ve started using capital letters most of the time.  I am not sure if anyone else noticed this upgrade, but my writing was starting to look a little livejournalesque.  Sorry about that.  I wonder how hashtags will look to all of us in 2020?  #so2014 #omgretro

current small victories
1.  I’m actually getting used to the whole ‘two-on-one’ thing.  The ol’ bedtime routine (for Annabel; C doesn’t really have a routine yet) is getting easier.  I realized that we’ve turned a major corner here because our nanny is sick today, and when I got her text this morning I was a little sad but not devastated.

2.  I’m still sticking with the POP Pilates workouts, although I’m alternating her prescribed days with running (and occasionally a skip day), so it’s taking me twice as long to get through her calendar.  I still REALLY lack core strength and have to modify many ab moves, but I am hoping to make progress with pilates/barre/yoga/strength workouts at least 3x/week.  I like that the POP pilates segments are super-short (typically the calendar prescribes 3/day, which I do in a row — with a little thrill as I check off each one in the app).  Yesterday’s What Makes You Bootyful was only 3 minutes but I am feeling it today!  It has been fun to try something new and I have a youtube barre class and a Jillian Michaels reunion planned for later in the week.

3.  Um.  I think I’m finally completely settled into maternity leave.  I have quite a relaxed schedule and am really enjoying every day.  Mr. C’s sleep is not consistent (last night wasn’t great) but I do not feel exhausted.  Too bad I only have 2 weeks (and one day) left!

things left unseen
1.  I alluded to new experience as a patient (or parent of a patient) in the medical system.  First, there was A’s psoriasis.  But now — against all odds — I’ve actually gotten an experience in my own field  (pediatric endocrinology):  Cameron had borderline thyroid function on his newborn screen and is now being treated and followed in the clinic where I work.  Funny how the world works, right?!  I’ll write more about the whole experience another day.

 C getting his levothyroxine mixed in pumped milk / A’s extensive cream collection

2.  I’ve been rediscovering the Great American Pastime: the TV.  I may be the only one still watching Glee and I think it’s cheesy as all get-out, but I still really like it.

I like it even more with a baby draped on top of me

3.  I got my hair Japanese straightened* for the first time in 15 months (I found out I was pregnant with C just before being due for a re-process, so put it on hold until now!).  Yes, I left Cameron for 6 hours (with Josh!) and pumped mid-treatment (alone in a separate room of the hair place, mind you).  MAN, I missed my fake hair!

Will post a pic as soon as I get a decent one.

* Japanese, not Brazilian/Keratin.  This process uses chemicals similar to that of a perm (ie, ammonium thioglycolate, of Legally Blonde fame) and not those that contain/give off formaldehyde.   While the EWG doesn’t give it a thumbs up, I can’t find any firm reason for a clear thumbs down either.