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April 4, 2014
1.  I’m running again!
As I mentioned previously, I have no grand plans to start doing long distances for quite some time.  However, I am really enjoying running again.   I am back up to 3 continuous miles comfortably, though at a slower pace than pre-C (especially with stroller).  I am going to aim to keep this up ~3x/week, and am looking forward to breaking out the double Bob for runs once Cameron is big enough to use it without the carseat attachment.  

2.  POP pilates
I realize that I’m probably the oldest person to jump on this bandwagon, but I was looking for a bodyweight-based home routine to alternate with running, and came upon Blogilates.  I downloaded the app and bought the ‘Beginner’s Calendar’ for $0.99, and so far it’s been fun and seems like a good home workout option.  The website/videos are definitely aimed at a younger demographic, but I still find the instructor (Cassey Ho) likeable, and she seems quite knowledgable and is clearly in ridiculously good shape.  Her calendars/checklists also appeal to the type A side of me (who are we kidding, there is no other side . . . 🙂 ).  However, that said, I have been alternating her suggested workouts with running, so I’m not really following her calendar to the letter.
Each calendar day links to 2-3 short YouTube workouts (think 5-10 minutes each), so the whole thing is under 30 minutes.  So far I’ve been at least mildly sore after each of them and I find them decently challenging.  
3.  What else?
I’d like to round out my routine with something else, but I’m not sure what yet.  Perhaps a weekly Jillian Michaels routine, or some yoga or barre?  Does anyone have a great home routine (under 40 minutes or so) to recommend?
(Pix below from yesterday — Annabel had her first haircut, and did GREAT!!)

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