avoiding the checklist mentality

May 23, 2014

A “Perfect” Weekday . . .

After all of my grousing, yesterday turned out to be a much better day.  C slept 9 (nine!!) hours straight (6:30p-3:30a) and I went to bed at 9.  I got up at 5 with nearly 8 hours of sleep (he ate for 10-15 minutes at 3:30, and that was that).  The result was an amazingly rested feeling for me that lasted all day.

He didn’t repeat this performance last night, so I know we still have a ways to go.  But it did remind me that better nights of sleep are probably (maybe) up ahead.  Someday.

Yesterday felt good on several other counts, too.  I:

✿ pumped 18 oz (= 4.5 oz surplus for the day).  Yes, I cannot but help feeling good about myself when I can do this.  Yes, I know I’m crazy.

✿ got to enjoy a nice post-work slice of time with A&C.  C was playful and sweet and went to sleep happily at 7, and Annabel and I had some good one-on-one time until her bedtime at 8.  No crying occurred during the 2 hour window from either kid, which I consider a small miracle.

✿ felt like I connected well with patients at work, AND kept up with my notes!  I did a lot more typing in the room and tried to do more while pumping.

✿ managed to squeeze in a lunch with coworkers (a belated birthday lunch).  I was completely stressed about fitting this into my work day, but there was a conveniently-timed no show (whew) and somehow it all worked out.

What I didn’t get to do:

❏ I didn’t get much time with Josh because of my new 9:00pm bedtime.

❏ I didn’t run or do any other exercise.

On the whole:  a very lovely weekday.  However, I found myself dwelling on my non-accomplishments, like the blog post I didn’t write or the miles I didn’t run.  It made me realize that I tend to have a sort of checklist going into every day, and I often focus on the unchecked boxes, real or imagined.

. . . I probably need to stop doing that.  Because I’m not going to check every box every day, and yet all signs point to the fact that I’m doing pretty well.  


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