Day 1

May 3, 2014


Also, I:

* did not cry all day

* felt somewhat weird about how I did not feel all that emotional about it all, but maybe I was just feeling too panicky to really process anything

* pumped 14 oz while C drank 12 oz (yay!).  (Side note: I have to say that pumping in my own office with a hospital-grade pump is SOOOOO much nicer/more efficient than the setups I had during fellowship.  Maybe it therefore will be easier this time.  The only catch is that it felt easy today because I had a completely empty schedule.  Heh.)

Currently celebrating with wine and (very soon) The Mindy Project.  Tech-free goals going strong!  Happy weekend 🙂

pre-work selfie with A

my sweet sweet C (he’s being propped up, btw)

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