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May 28, 2014

good things

work.  I’m feeling more caught up at work.  I was on call Sat/Sun of the 3-day weekend, which allowed me to hole up in the office and complete charts.  VERY NECESSARY.  I am now determined not to get behind again, because my documentation is so much easier and better when I do it during or right after each visit.

home.  Josh was off for the 3-day, which was amazing.  He’s also been coming home a little earlier, although I think that streak is about to end (he’s on call tonight).  I’m feeling much more in control of the bedtime routine, thanks to my new strategy of let-Annabel-watch-Mickey-while-I-put-Cameron-to-sleep.

sleep.  Speaking of sleep . . . C is perhaps continuing to do more of it.  Last night he was up at 1am, but instead of feeding him I took my chances and popped in his paci.  He was down until 3a!  He’s a BIG baby (15 lbs at 3 months!) so I have a feeling he has more than adequate stores to make it through the night — I just need to teach him.  He’s still in the rock ‘n’ play in our room, so plenty of transitions ahead, but man I can almost taste a full night of sleep.  Almost.

➤ celebrations.  The May trifecta of mother’s day / my birthday / our anniversary is now over.  I feel very loved.  We had a super-fancy night out at juvia (spectacular but pricey even by miami standards) and Josh got me some cute loungewear/pajamas (perhaps addressing my frump-related complaints).

➤ kids.  I feel like we’re hitting a bit of a sweet spot with A&C right now:  A is generally well-behaved and fun, and C is still easy.  Because I find that ‘older infant’ period to be quite challenging, I suspect things will get MORE challenging in a few months and then easier in a couple of years.  But right now, things are good.

We went to Zoo Miami on Memorial Day, and had a great time!  Annabel was a little scared at times —

— and a lot scared at others. 
But she still enjoyed herself and now talks about which animals were “nice” and which were scary (loud monkeys & zebras).

Mr. C pretty much slept in the Ergo the whole time.

even the blasted PUMP.  I am being more zen about this.  Which isn’t to say that I’m being zen at all — just not as entirely crazed as I was previously.  I am going to keep up with my 5 pumps/day routine for now.  It’s doable — for now — and working.  I am not going to do any more than that.  I am not going to stress if the 5 pumps doesn’t yield enough.  This is easy to say right now when I’m still exceeding demand, but I really hope I can hold onto this idea when it inevitably drops at some point.  That’s what the 268 oz in the freezer are there for, right!?

things that could be better

workouts.  I’ve been enjoying running (just 3-4 mile jaunts) but seem to be struggling with doing anything else recently.  This isn’t a big deal, but I do feel kind of floppy and improving my muscle tone would probably be good for me AND my self-esteem.  I think perhaps I need to commit to some classes or something for motivation.  My SIL sent me a link to this gilt city deal for a new barre studio near by, and I’m contemplating getting a 10-pack to force myself into action.  But I admit I am intimidated by group fitness, particularly in South Beach.

⬇ sticking to my unplugged goals.  Yeah, I failed.  More about this in another post.  I’ll try again, because I am determined to win this battle!

eating habits.  I know, breastfeeding hunger/sugar cravings and all that (they are REAL!).  But — I NEED to do better in this realm.   There is no question that I will feel better if I put the effort in to stick to a reasonably healthy diet most of the time.  The end.

fun things

♥ silicon valley.  LOVING this show.

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