Some Things I Would Like To Do Someday: A List

May 30, 2014
try a barre class
see Arcade Fire in concert
do a systematic “listen-through” all of the music we own
be involved in running / developing a clinical study of some kind
cook through another cookbook – with A&C’s help!
eat at French Laundry (Laura went recently!)
adapt a peaceful nighttime routine that does NOT involve technology
take a family trip to Disney World
write a book.  maybe.
take a just-Josh-and-me trip back to Hawaii
see Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Greece . . . 
go on a girls’ spa weekend
take Annabel on a girls’ spa weekend (you know, once she’s out of diapers . . .)
find a running partner in our neighborhood
run another marathon (and qualify for Boston, if we’re in fantasy mode here)
go on a wardrobe-makover shopping spree with a personal shopper
read the whole Harry Potter series with A&C
participate in a book club (or dinner party club?  or wine club . . .)
learn to swim (like, really swim with actual form)
speak fluent Spanish to my patients
sleep through the night again 🙂
Well, that helped my pump session go fast!  I actually think this is a pretty realistic list, except for maybe the Boston part. 

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