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May 9, 2014

I have less time to write now that I am back at work.  SHOCKING, yes?  (No.)  But I do miss it already, and I’m still alive.

Very tired, but alive.

Limited updates:

1) I haven’t cried yet, but I am sad to be away from C when he is still so little.

2) I am, however, enjoying work.  I am so incredibly thankful that I LIKE what I do, because otherwise the whole situation (leaving a less-than-3-month-old at home) would just feel horrible.

3) Pumping is still going well.  Supply is exceeding demand, and my (meticulously accounted-for) freezer stock is on target to exceed 200oz by the end of the week.

4)  I left my keys in a hospital bathroom on Tuesday morning which is a very bad thing to do when you work over 20 miles from home.  However, I am grateful this is the most negative thing I’ve had to deal with in a while.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t have this perspective while it was all happening, but better late than never, right?)

5) Coffee is so key to my existence right now.  Goal tonight: BED BY 9.

6) My unplugged challenge is going imperfectly (definitely did more than 2 email checks today), but I am still doing worlds better than I had been before.  Part of this is probably just being much busier, but I am happy that I don’t feel nearly as tied to the small addicting screen as I did.

7) I have been able to work out/run before work.  Basically, my early AM schedule is:

— 3-4ish: Cameron wakes up (2nd wake up for the night) and eats.
— I sleep until 5ish
— Pump at 5ish
— Quick run or workout, shower
— A&C up at around 6:30

I may be destined for burnout, but this works best in terms of pumping/feeding C.

8) I have a buildup of much more interesting (I think?) post topics to write, but I’m reeling too much from the transition to even think about much else right now.


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