weekend notes

May 4, 2014
1.  The unplugged challenge is still going well.  I took the entire day off of the internet and my phone yesterday (only exceptions: texting, using the actual phone, and FaceTime) — and it was really really nice.  I did find myself a little bored for a stretch in the afternoon (I was alone with both kids and it was raining) — but maybe a little boredom is healthy sometimes.
(Or maybe I should have found something else to do.)
Regardless, I stayed strong and am glad I did.
2.  It has been a very social weekend so far — and this makes me happy.  While I do enjoy some down time by myself, I am so much happier doing things with other people.  I’m not sure why it has taken me this long to figure this out!  
Anyway, noted.  I need to continue making more friends in the area for this reason.  (Preferably friends with children around A&C’s age!)
3.  I tried an orange unfiltered sauvignon blanc last night.  We went to The Federal again, and I’m still in love with the place.  Also, I have to say: I am really glad to have wine back in my life.  Missed it. 
4.  I bought these online today as an early birthday present to myself.  Or at least I can categorize it as such to make myself feel less guilty!  I am obsessed with Campers because they are so comfortable.  Planning on wearing them everywhere and with everything.
5.  Josh and I took the Double Bob (loaded with A&C) out for its first running excursion!  Cameron is still in his car seat with adapter, but we went slowly on completely flat streets and it was fine.  We switched off pushing. The thing is heavy, but as long as I slowed the pace to try to mimic a normal running effort, the experience was fine.  
6.  In the right light, Mr. C is looking a little GINGER.  Woah!

Tomorrow will be my first real day back at work, with a full patient schedule.  I’m even going to attempt an AM workout, although we’ll see — it sort of depends on how C times his sleep.  WILL REPORT BACK.  

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