out of steam

June 4, 2014

Ana wrote a post earlier in the week about lacking energy to get in everything she would like in the essential realms of work / kids / marriage.  As I read her post, I didn’t initially feel the same way.  However, sitting here at 7:55pm absolutely SPENT, I realize that I have a simpler limitation issue that I face daily:  I completely run out of steam every night by . . . well, right now.

The good news is that I’m getting a lot into each day: (usually) exercise, a full day at work, commute*, A&C time, some Josh time, pumping 8 million times.  The bad is that I spend almost all of my precious, hard-won ‘downtime’ on completely mindless pursuits because I basically have no wherewithal to do anything else.  There are books I’d like to read, friends I need to call (or write), 9 million home projects that I could work on, but I just . . . CAN’T.  All I want to do is to browse through my favorite blogs, check out Facebook, and drink wine.  Maybe watch a TV show, but sometimes even that’s ambitious**.

Anyway, I guess this is just how it’s going to be for the next few months (years?).  I hear that some people actually DO THINGS after work — sometimes actually leaving the house (!!!).  These mythical people attend book clubs, enjoy nice home-cooked candlelit dinners, practice yoga.  It sounds pathetic to say, but I honestly can’t imagine.  Then again, maybe those people aren’t pumping and then running at 5am, so maybe that’s my problem right there:  I want too much.

* I actually do enjoy this time most of the time, either listening to music or podcasts, so that counts for something, I suppose!

** I looooved the Silicon Valley finale.  Ahh, can’t wait for next season!  Next up: catching up on Girls season 3.

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