June 24, 2014

I’m in a total wardrobe rut.  One would think that right about now I would be shopping with abandon.  I finally have a “real” job, and after a pregnancy and a move my closet* is as empty as it has ever been.  I used to pore over the anthropologie catalogs and could list all of my favorite coveted dresses by their twee nicknames.  And yet — right now, I find myself unable to get inspired to buy much of anything.  I think this is mostly because I still feel a bit awkward and not back into ‘perfect’ shape, whatever what means.  It’s also because I don’t feel like I have time to focus on shopping.  Also, sometimes the options out there seem too infinite, and I just get decision fatigue.  Do I try for an awesome deal on one of those designer bargain sites, try out a StitchFix, or just shop my usual (online) favorites?

After years of not really being excited about their offerings, I decided to place an order with Boden today.  I looooove their baby clothes (seriously, ALL of my favorite Annabel outfits are Mini Boden!) but the women’s clothes always seemed a little . . . old and boring to me.  Maybe now I’m getting old and boring, because I found a few things in their current lineup that looked nice.  So I went for it.

BONUS: one order and I picked up some essentials for A, too 🙂  We’ll see how things fit, because their sizing seems a little different from my usual staples (J. Crew, Gap, etc).

awwwwwww (for A)

* well, if we had a closet.  But that’s a post for another day.

Where do you like to buy work clothes?  I still love anthropologie, but I feel like I need more practical staple pieces right now.