the weekend so far / body woes follow up

June 8, 2014

Josh and I are both off this weekend.  I cannot express how much I LOVE these two-parent weekends!  Based on our call schedules, they theoretically occur 42% of the time, but feel more rare than that, perhaps because other things (boards?  conferences?) sometimes take up the remaining ones.

Yesterday was even better than usual because we were in a hurry to do . . . NOTHING.  Basically, we had zero scheduled events, which meant there was no time pressure at all.  We’ve gotten more flexible about A’s bedtime on the weekends (turns out she can hang okay until after 8 as long as she’s had a good nap) and C is just still in that nice portable stage where it doesn’t really matter.

Our activities:

* leisurely breakfast & saturday AM TV time on the couch (yes, it’s a thing now)

* 3 mi family run (Josh pushed the stroller even though I offered to take turns, because he is the best)

* playground time

* whole foods trip (both functional and entertaining for a!)

* SLEEP.  I got to sleep in, and Josh took a PM nap.  Two rested parents = happy family.

* some indoor play while we waited for a storm that never materialized

MB’s weather is in a bit of a rut . . .
(it’s not as bad as it looks – often it will be hot/sunny for most of the day, followed by a PM storm)

* dinner @ harry’s pizzeria

Our kids are in a sweet spot for dinners out right now.  A is consistently well-behaved at restaurants, as long as she is not overly tired or hungry, and C slept through the entire experience.

heart-meltingly cute

I also skipped pumping (living dangerously) and just fed C.  It was incredibly refreshing.

On another note, I decided to track my eating in myfitnesspal for a few days, and at the same time stress LESS about where I am right now.  I put on an outfit that fit and that I like (see below) and realized that I think it’s my clothes that are distressing to me right now, not my actual body.  And some of that, I think, is related to diastasis recti/post-baby changes than it really is due to extra pounds, even if I am carrying a few of those too.  That said, I knew that logging for a few days would reveal that I’m eating more than I may have thought, and I would rather be proactive than continue to gain weight in these postpartum months.

SO:  new plan is to go out and buy some more clothes while being reasonable and more generally conscious (but not restrictive!) about eating.  Plus a little more strength work (not more miles, and not additional hours spent working out).  And I will be patient, because these baby days are going to go FAST, and I don’t want to miss another second worrying about these things.