and now we are TEN

July 28, 2014
The first post in the archives is dated 7/27/04.  (An astute reader/superfan* pointed out that I actually started the day prior and something weird happened with the dating, but I’m going to go with 7/27 as that’s the first date that shows up.)
SO.  TEN YEARS!  That’s . . . a while. 
2008 blogging setup
(I can’t show you 2004 because back then posting a picture
 was beyond my blogging capabilities)

I wasn’t going to post today.  We’ve had a lovely weekend (lots of socializing / pool time / friends / family / eating / etc!) — but I am continuing to struggle with fatigue and just feeling . . . off.  I know it’s totally normal for C not to be sleeping through the night, but that doesn’t make it easy.

However, I know that it’s temporary.  And one of the wonderful things about having ten (TEN!) years of records available is that I do have a fairly good big-picture sense of just how fleeting these baby months are.  Pretty soon, they will fit into just a short stretch of the archives, and I know I will remember them fondly.  The smiles, the intoxicating baby smell, those soft cheeks, the exuberant giggles — those intangibles will be with me forever, and the midnight feedings will just morph into a soft blur.

In July of 2004, I was a medical student.  I was single (though had a pretty awesome boyfriend . . . ), didn’t know how to cook, and was terrible at anatomy.

Now . . . well, things are different.  Many things.  But some things are very much the same.  I’m still in love with the awesome boyfriend.  I still come here to write and reflect and process.  I still very much enjoy it!  ALSO, I’m still very grateful to all of you that come to read and comment.

So, thank you for making this hobby/project/journal a really fun and rewarding part of my life.  Another 10 years?

PS:  Just curious . . . who has been reading the longest?  (Other than immediate family members?)

* my dad