Day #11/14

July 19, 2014

Feeling . . . more than a little off.  I guess 11 days in, this is to be expected.  It’s not like it has been that rough (other than Wednesday night, agh!).  I’m just feeling tired and fragmented and just kind of ugh.

I’m tired of being interrupted every time I sit down to do anything.  I’m tired of answering work phone calls during those evening hours that A&C are awake, apologizing for the crying/whining/singing in the background.  I’m tired of feeling behind on things.  I’m tired of the ‘postpartum’ period and the scattered frumpy feelings that go with it.   I’m tired of the blasted pump.  And I am absolutely tired of getting up 2-3x per night, every night.
I guess I’m just . . . tired.  I really think things will be easier a few months from now, since a) taking time to pump at work and b) C not sleeping well yet are the two things that are probably causing everything else to be so difficult.
workout:  haha.  Does the above post sounds like I’ve been fitting in a lovely mood-and-energy-boosting session each morning?  (No.)  But I am determined to do something each day this weekend.
interesting:  Jaclyn Day’s post on reading.  I really want to read regularly again.  I do miss it.  
positive:  It’s 8:50 pm and I’m about to curl up in bed with a book (see above)!  
picture:  C wearing a special cap to have his head digitally scanned.  (Diagnosis: yep, it’s kind of flat, although nice and symmetrically so.  We’re going for a follow up visit in a month and then we have to decide one way or the other about a helmet.)

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