Day #2/14

July 10, 2014

First, a couple of brief updates on Cameron:

1) He is 4 2/3 months old.  We tried some baby oatmeal/breastmilk slurry over the weekend, but he wasn’t into it.  Ahh well, we’ll try again another time.

2) HE IS OUT OF THE ROCK ‘n’ PLAY!  And sleeping in his crib.  AND, sometimes sleeping for reasonable stretches — last night 7p – 4a and then 4:15a – 7:15a!  Of course, now that I’ve admitted this he will be up q2h all night tonight.  (Please no.)

he happily made the transition in the pack ‘n’ play at my parents’ house

3) He has a relatively flat head.  (So did Annabel).  ((It may be the blasted Rock ‘n’ Play, but I’ll never know for sure)).  Our PCP is actually sending us to have him evaluated to ensure he doesn’t need a helmet/DOC band (she brought it up — not me).  This is definitely a controversial area right now and I’m on the fence, but I feel like I have to follow through and at least get an opinion.

4) He’s so sweet and cute and calm and just wonderful.


workout: 3.4 miles in 31 minutes this morning around the neighborhood.  It was lightly misting which was great.

interesting:  New Yorker Fiction podcast – this was the first one I listened to, and it was great.  Rebecca Curtis reads Leonard Michaels’ “The Penultimate Conjecture”.

positive:  Hmmm . . . I bought two people presents today, which is always fun (one birthday gift and a get-well gift).  I also managed to do a consult at 4:15 pm and still get home on time!

pic: A, playing with trains in princess garb over her pajamas.  Love it.