Day #7/14

July 15, 2014

OMG.  Today felt like a race.  

More consults
Lunch in like 5 minutes
Phone calls
Phone calls (patient with a 4-digit blood sugar = always exciting)
Bedtime for A&C
Just yeah.  Josh and I did get to eat dinner together, so that was nice.  
I’ll interrupt this not-talking-about-pumping string of posts to give an update, for anyone interested.  I decided not to pursue Reglan or domperidone (I felt it would be more *for me* than *for Cameron*, and the risks/benefits didn’t add up for me — not saying that is the case for everyone!).  I am pumping 3-4x/day and consistently underproducing by about 5 oz/day, which currently he gets out of the (shrinking but still present) freezer stash.  For the past 2 weekends, he’s been fine breastfeeding all day except the very last feeding, and so he gets a bottle from the freezer before bed.
I am doing better about not beating myself up for less-than-hearty pump yields, but I’m greatly looking forward to quitting the pump entirely at some point (potentially at the 6 month mark – 5 more weeks!).  If I had unlimited hours in the day I wouldn’t mind doing it, but . . . I definitely do not!
workout:  3.7 miles / 35 minutes on the treadmill (10 minutes @ 6.0 mph, 5 minutes @ 6.7, 5 minutes @ 7.0, 5 minutes @ 6.0, 5 minutes @ 6.7, 5 minutes @ 6.0)
interesting:  Did you know OMDG is blogging again!?
positive:  ZERO incomplete notes.  
picture:  throwback 🙂 This is our dinner almost every Monday night — salmon, green beans/broccoli/etc, sweet potatoes.  It’s a rut but it’s a good one.

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