Day #8/14

July 16, 2014

HI.  Thoughts today:

* It is pretty much impossible to please everyone.

* It’s still worth giving it the old college try most of the time.

* I will never never NEVER successfully exercise at night.  Ever.

Quick informal poll:  if you work out regularly, when do you fit it in?  I can’t imagine ever doing it at the end of the day.  Even when I try to convince myself that it’s doable, it’s the absolute last thing I want to do after working all day and getting everyone to bed.

Someday — when C sleeps all night — I want to increase my mileage again, train for a fast 5K, and attempt to get into better shape.  Someday.


workout:  nada.  Hence the theme for this post!

interesting:  Tara Brach podcast on Awakening from Virtual Reality.  Some very interesting food for thought about . . . thoughts.  I needed this today.

positive:  um, we have an appointment finally set up for this Friday to evaluate C’s flat head (positive because it was taking forever and I was getting stressed out about it).  ((I actually don’t really think it’s THAT flat, for what it’s worth, and am still hoping to be told he’s fine and needs nothing!  But I want to follow through since our PCP brought it up and get the professional opinion.))

picture:  He looks so grown up here!

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