Days #12-13

July 21, 2014


and I’m ready.  While it hasn’t been unbearable, I just need (NEED) a break.  Knowing that at any minute — and throughout every night — I just might be paged is fine for a few days, and then it just starts to get hard.

Luckily, there are only 2 more nights left!  This was an annoying weekend in that I was on call (and had new consults both days) and Josh was on call too, for the afternoons and overnights.  Note to self:  never attempt to do that again without childcare.  It was too stressful and too tiring.

On the plus side, we had some lovely family moments.  And I survived a trip to a party 45 minutes away by myself with both kids (WITH a last minute Whole Foods stop to pick up the components of a cheese plate).  I have to say that bringing both kids with me pretty much anywhere still makes me anxious.*   Will this wear off . . . ever?

In other news, I think I might try something radically different this week and attempt evening workouts, just as an experiment.  I know I said that I “couldn’t” do them, but several of you made the excellent point that it’s a lot more predictable that both children will be asleep at, say, 8:30 pm compared with 5:30 am.  The only downside is that I probably won’t want to run outside in the dark, but seeing as our morning weather looks like this right now:

. . . I wouldn’t really be missing out on much.

Tips?  Those of you that exercise at night, do you eat dinner superlate (like 9 pm)?  If I do that I will need to eat something pretty substantial before that or I cannot imagine having the energy to do anything.
I work out in the AM after just coffee, but I’m never that hungry at 5:30 am.

* About what, you might ask?  That one of them might have a crying fit/tantrum, that one of them (A) might try to run off, that one of them will fall or hurt themselves while I am dealing with the other one, that one of them will make some horrific mess (on themselves or someone else), that I will be without something essential — continue ad nauseum.


workouts:  3.6 miles (in the above weather) on Saturday at 9:35/mi average, 30 minutes of a barre3 workout today

interesting:  A Diet of Distraction

positive:  I got in lots of lovely snuggle time with C today.

picture:  The blur doing a somersault on the mat is Annabel!  I’m so proud 🙂

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