Days #5-6/14

July 14, 2014

Oops.  I missed posting yesterday.  I can’t even claim that work was busy, because . . . (sshhh) it wasn’t.  This was a really easy on-call weekend.  I’d summarize weekend call like this:

50% of the time, I have to round for ~2 hours or so.
25% of the time, I have much more to do in the hospital and I’m there all day.
25% of the time, I have no reason to drive in (no patients on our service, no consults that are ‘active’ and need face-to-face care).  I am thankful that this weekend fell into category #3.  I can’t complain if next weekend turns out to be busy.  Or if I get 5 phone calls tonight.
I did spend 3 hours this morning catching up on charts (finished 13/14!).  We went out to a concert and to dinner last night, and saw Jenny Lewis and Ray Lamontagne.  He was okay . . . she was amazing.  
I am kind of excited (and surprised!) that a few of you wrote that you missed the short ‘log’ format.  For years I included notes on my daily workout, usually a recipe/dinner photo, and often other things I was working on/doing.  In a way, I kind of miss the accountability too.  Maybe I’ll have to do a series like this one again.
Days #5-6

workout:  this is somewhat pathetic, but I did nothing all weekend.  Reasons:  poor planning and an absolute need (NEED) to sleep in both mornings.  Next weekend I will plan better.  
week totals = 2 runs (3-3.5 miles each), 1 30-minute barre workout, and 1 30-minute yoga flow. 
interesting:  for those of you who like a little controversy — I thought the discourse in the comments of this mothers in medicine post was interesting.  The author (female) writes about ways to make things easier for her partner while she is working long hours.  I tried to imagine reading this article written by a male with respect to his female partner, and . . . well, it was an interesting thought experiment.
positive: Jenny Lewis!  And an amazing (and fun) dinner with SIL/BIL at Drunken Dragon — our new favorite.  Oh, and we went to a birthday party for one of A’s classmates — and it was actually really fun.  I feel like I’m finally getting to know some (non family, non work) friends in the area, after nearly a year here.
picture:  I did a terrible job documenting all of the fun above.  Next time . . .

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