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July 31, 2014

I’ve worn my lime green Fitbit Flex for 2 days now, and it’s definitely way too early for a review.  I still can’t decide if it’s a fad I’m going to be sick of in a few weeks, or something I will integrate into life for some time.  

I DO already get how people become obsessed.  The ability to pull data on yourself literally out of the ether is fascinating.  I also find the idea that I’m all the sudden getting rewarded for normal everyday activity (WALKING AROUND) very interesting.  I’m no David Sedaris, but I can see how the allure of the twinkling lights could quickly get out of hand.
That said, I stand by my original declaration that I don’t think I will get obsessed because — unlike David — I just don’t have time for that.  Instead, so far the toy has just encouraged me to take the stairs.  It has also shown me what I suspected:  without a run/workout, I’m pretty sedentary.  I know some people will hit >10,000 steps a day with just daily activity, but based on the past 2 days it looks like a regular non-exercise work day would only give me around 6,000.
(I’m not sure if weekends would give me more or less, but I’ll let you know after this weekend 🙂 ).
Stats from yesterday (this included a 3 mile run in the AM):

Sleep tracker!  This part is really interesting, too.

Question:  Jenny from Sweden (one of my longtime online friends 🙂 ) asked a great question in the comments the other day and I wanted to know if anyone knows the answer.  She is a mom of 2 and training for a marathon, and is looking for an active and supportive online forum to post her runs.  I know that Strava was mentioned on the Another Mother Runner podcast as an app that has some kind of ‘community’ capability — does anyone use this?  Or is there a great Facebook group to know about, or another type of forum or community board-type site?
I’m asking for her, but I can imagine wanting to do something similar one day when I am training ‘for real’ again!  Let us know if you have ideas!

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