August 1, 2014

Not sure how we got here already.  I, for one, am ready to move past summer any time now.  It has a lot to do with the monotony of this:

However, I will still trade it for the whole no-winter deal any day.  (Also, note that it’s actually not that hot here.  Just humid and stormy and rather . . . tepid overnight.)
This is a big month!  Positive things up ahead:
✔ C hitting 6 months.  I know 8/20 is just an arbitrary date, but I’m pretty sure that I am going to start decreasing pumping / supplementing with formula at that time.  I am really struggling at work and with life with the current setup and while I can hang on for another few weeks, I’m ready to move on.  Since almost all of the data indicates that breastfeeding during the first 6 months is the most important, I’ll be thrilled to reach that milestone with all b-milk (or 99% if my freezer stash runs out a few days early).  Still hoping to keep the AM/PM breastfeeding sessions like I did with Annabel until at least a year or so.
I am also hoping that with this transition will come more sleep at night.  I can dream that this will happen without any need to do any sleep training, right?
✔ Our babysitter comes back!!   We had a sitter who we loooooooooved — and still love, but now she lives in CA.  She moved at the beginning of June, and since then we haven’t had any regular coverage for date nights or any downtime on weekends.  We found another (a friend of the first!) who we also really like, but she was home for the summer and she’ll be back next week!  These two months without the extra help really indicated that . . . well, I missed it.
Having 2-3 hours on Sunday to nap,  organize the house, catch up on charts, or work out = precious.  If we didn’t work weekends more than half the time (Josh takes call 1 / 3, I take it 1 / 4, though soon to be 1 / 5!) we could cover for each other.  But since we do, this is a brilliant solution.  Plus, I miss date night.
✔ A new doctor is joining our practice.  I’m excited to show her the ropes and — selfishly — not be the ‘newest’ one anymore (though I will still be the youngest 🙂 ).  Also — on a related note — I am hoping that with the End of Pumping work will start to flow better again.  I have a lot of random scattered ideas (better admissions protocols for new type 1 patients, some ‘checklist’ type things to make things run better, materials I want to create for certain conditions like PCOS, and even ideas about positive psychologist applications to disease management) — but no time to put any of them into action right now.  I’d also like some dedicated time to just catch up on some of the newest things I’ve missed over the past year of just focusing on patient care (and not attending any conferences this year, sadly).  This is what I meant about wanting to ‘work more’ in a previous post!
With all of this, I also am kiiiiind of flirting with the idea of training (moderately) for a 5K.  My pre-baby PR is 22:53 (2010).  My post baby record (5 months after Annabel — my one and only 5K) is 24:43 (2012).  I’m not going to come close to the former, but maybe I could aim to beat the latter?  We’ll see . . .  

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