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August 20, 2014

EDITED:  the morning after this post, the FitBit stopped working completely!  I’m going to call customer service today but just wanted to share . . . has anyone else’s conked out after a brief period of use?!

I’m still enjoying the Fitbit.  Most of the time.  I don’t particularly enjoy it on nights like tonight, when I feel like being utterly lazy and I see that my step count is atrociously low.  In general, I find that I take the stairs more when I use it, and I am less likely to skip a planned run.

not at goal.  and I’m not in the mood to pace around . . .

It hasn’t created all that much behavior change — though it has cultivated more of an awareness, I suppose.  Maybe that’s the first step?

I’ve been logging food into MyFitnessPal again, sort of as an experiment.  It turns out there is a reason I have not lost the last several lbs of baby weight:  I apparently eat too much.  Sometimes, anyway.  I DO feel like the app helps me to — again — cultivate awareness of what I am eating.  I’m less likely to grab a bit of this or that just because it’s there.  But I still refuse to go hungry.

(the “snack” section is hiding beneath dinner and it totals 592 calories.  interesting . . .)

I am hoping that using the apps will lead to better habits over the long term and (dare I hope?) a slow journey back to my one-size-smaller clothes.  We’ll see.

ON A RELATED NOTE:  C made it through the night three (THREE!) nights in a row.  Waking up at 5:55 am has never felt so luxurious and wonderful.  Come on number 4 . . .

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