from the closet files

August 13, 2014

Want to see something slightly ridiculous?

THIS.  Is ridiculous.
Yes.  That’s our closet.  Or non-closet, really.  When we moved into our house a year ago (it’s been a year!!!), we ripped out the tiny closet along the opposite wall of our bedroom, exposing a cool architectural detail (circular window).  We had grand plans of constructing a new, bigger, better custom closet or closet-type system along the wall you see here (potentially blocking one window, for better or for worse) but . . . yeah.
That’s our closet right now.
It actually fairly accurately portrays the status of my wardrobe AND the status of my body over the past year or so:  IN TRANSITION.  Basically, what you see is:
* Hanging stuff.  This is 80% Josh’s clothes.  On the left (the 20%) are things that fit me, most of which are “interim clothes” (inexpensive things that I bought post-Cameron) that I wear reluctantly but don’t really like.  I do have 2 Boden dresses in there that I really do like.
* Drawer stuff.  This is a hodgepodge of T-shirts, cardigans, and other (mostly very inexpensive/interim) staples, also most of which fit me currently.  I have a few things left over from 2011 when I gained ~7 lbs or so to get pregnant — I wear those things now.
* Plastic tubs of stuff.  These are filled with mostly nicer clothes that do not currently fit/flatter me.  This is a combo of a few more recent pieces (from that fleeting window between the 2 pregnancies when I was back to ‘normal’) and also a lot of older stuff (we’re talking Anthro dresses dating back to, say, 2005).  It also includes some nicer sweaters (J. Crew, Madewell) that I really like but are wearable for about 5 days out of the year in Miami — and even those days are a stretch.
SO.  I have been thinking about my “closet” lately because I feel like I am ready to move out of the transitional phase.  I’m finally (really) at peace with partially weaning, and am starting to get more sleep — C has been down to one middle-of-the-night wakeup (SOOOO much better than 2!) over the past several nights.  I’m enjoying running more and starting 5K training, though I haven’t picked a race.  I am doing barre at-home sometimes and am determined to start strength training regularly.  AND I am eating better, with less paranoia about milk supply.  I won’t try to force anything, but I am hoping that over the next few months with these shifts I will be back to my ‘regular’ size, or if not then I’ll be okay with that too as the new normal. 
I may order a bit more from Boden as I was really happy with the last haul (2 cute dresses, 2 well-made casual tops — I did return a pair of ill-fitting capris).  But I’m thinking that by this fall (October or November?) it will be time to really clean out these drawers/racks/tubs and go shopping.  Maybe I’ll even take half a day off to do it one day!  I can’t wait.