feeling decisive

September 29, 2014
I am in a rather decisive mode right now.  If I decide that I want to do something, I AM JUST GOING TO DO IT.  That sounds so obvious and incredibly cheesy but — it’s not.  Because sometimes things that I want to do — even if they are for myself — impact others, and often I got lost in the debates and the details.

I wanted to try eating paleo.  I worried about:  what the others in the house would eat, what others would think of this decision, and (fine) whether I would be super-sad without grains / legumes / cheese in my life on the regular.

I wanted to start running (and racing) longer distances again.  I worried about:  how I would fit in longer runs, being judged by others for wanting more time for myself, feeling guilty about wanting this time. 

I got tired of overthinking things and just took action.  And somehow this has actually made me feel energized to make more things that I want happen — bigger things and smaller things.  A sampling of some other things I want to do:

* Make a weekend playgroup happen (even a sporadic one)
* Read.  Actual books.
* Quit certain internet/phone distractions for good.  I know I have written about this a zillion times before, but in this mode I think I might actually stand a chance at success.  A friend and I made a pact to stop a particularly irritating one and so far it has been fantastic. 
I don’t know what has spurred on this energy.  But I’m going with it!



not bad for ‘feels like’ = 91F
a starting point at least!

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