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September 26, 2014

I really miss running — like real running with intervals and long runs and tempo, not just 3 mile jaunts around the neighborhood.  I’ve mentioned that my paces have slowed recently, but I am determined to get some speed back.  I miss the structure of a training plan.

6 months after having Annabel, I ran a half.  That was probably a little overzealous, but it worked out.  C is currently 7 months old, and I think I’m just now ready to start training for real.  
I’m in this phase where if I am just in the mood to say YES to myself, so:

HALF, not the full — I’m not ready for 3hr long runs!

I’m signing up!  I have 17 weeks to train starting Monday!
My faaaaaaaaavorite part of doing any race is designing and figuring out the training plan — scheduling in all of the runs and cross-training.  I want to run 3-4 times/week and cross-train (barre, weights, etc) on 2-3 days (with one full day completely off every week). 
Possible plan sources:
– I have Train Like A Mother and the training plans in there are nice and varied.  The “Finish It” looks a little easy but the “Own It” looks a little hard 🙂 Maybe I’ll craft a hybrid?
– I’ve had great success with the FIRST plan (my marathon PR) and love that it just calls for 3 runs/week, but I think it looks too hard for me right now.  
– A custom plan from McMillan Running or another online company.  I love the idea of a plan created *just for me* because I’d like some professional guidance with respect to how I should pace, but it’s pricey!  ($126 for a 16 week plan.)
What is your favorite training plan?
Anyone else training for a winter race?

(In Miami, this is definitely the right time frame to train!)

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