shifting of the tides

September 23, 2014

things currently changing

βœ” I think I might be done with the pump.  I expressed an entire 2.5 oz at lunchtime yesterday — my only pump of the day, in addition to AM/PM breastfeeding (once each time, C thankfully hasn’t woken up overnight in some time).  I guess I’m slightly sad about it but not nearly as much as I thought I might be.

Now that the luxury of an uninterrupted lunch break* is back, I am excited to think about what to do with it!  A walk?  A lunch out with work friends once in a while?  Might as well look on the bright side πŸ™‚

βœ” Potty training seems to be happening.  A is not 100% but she had some major breakthroughs recently and seems to ‘get’ it.  As I suspected, diapers were easier, but I’m still happy she may be reaching this milestone without a lot of stress/work on our part!  (She will be 2 and a half in 2 weeks).

she wants everyone to know that she is going to be a princess for Halloween
(her choice, not ours!)

βœ” C can be placed on the floor and a) will remain happy for quite some time and b) might wander off via his only mode of locomotion, The Backwards Scoot.  This doesn’t seem like such a big deal but it is SO much less exhausting than having to support him/carry him all the time (he’s ~20 lbs).

can you spot the wanderer?

βœ” A sometimes misses her nap and seems to survive.  Most days she still takes one, though.

βœ” I’m still loving the paleo thing.  We went to Drunken Dragon (current faaaaave) for a special dinner with our dear friends K+DrS who were in town and I “cheated” on Saturday night — grains and dairy both made a (delicious) appearance.  The next day I just shifted right back to the routine.

On that note, running-while-paleo is maybe improving a little bit.  I finally ran a sub-9 mile.  I have high hopes for this morning because I’ve had 2-3 days off AND ate a bunch of sweet potatoes last night.  Will report back.

* Sometimes this doesn’t happen due to charts/phone calls/finishing notes, but sometimes it does!