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September 3, 2014

In the pre-child days, I used to write lists:  daily lists, weekly lists, and larger scale lists.  And then I actually did the things on the lists in the time frame noted.

I still write lists — if I didn’t, I am pretty sure life would just burst open at the seams.  (And not in a good way.)  But nearly every week, I’m transferring over half of my items to the next week.

The truth is, it’s okay!  Most of the things are . . . optional, or at least the time frame doesn’t really matter.  If my closet stays disorganized for the next year (shudder) — well, it won’t be any different than the last year.  I spend too many moments ruminating / plotting / fretting about how I will cram everything in and I hate how those thoughts intrude into what would otherwise be peaceful/focused times:  on my commute, for instance.

I read Gettings Things Done back in the day and thought I “got” it, but looking back I didn’t have nearly as much to manage, and had much more time to manage it.  Maybe I need to read it again?  Or just try to be more accepting of life as it is now.  In truth, I can only do one thing at a time so I might as well just settle in and enjoy the new(ish) normal.

* * *

Off to run.

Paleo update:  4 days in and I am really REALLY liking it.  I actually feel more energetic than I have in ages.  AND I am not having the panicky/starving feelings in the afternoons like I was — I always scoffed when people talked about “blood sugar crashes” (and I still maintain that I am sure my glucose was never subnormal!) but this is definitely an improvement.

A enjoying some lamb stew with tomatoes and olives, sweet potatoes, zucchini:

(No she is not going to have any dietary restrictions ((unless medically indicated, of course — but so far no allergies.  Keeping fingers crossed!))  But I made this dinner Sunday night and 
she liked it — even asking for “more meat and olives”.   She wasn’t into the zucchini.)

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