weekend developments

September 1, 2014

This was a good weekend.   I was on my own with these babes, but we made it work.  Somehow, we seemed to fit in just the right amount of activity so that the days felt full but not at all rushed or exhausting.  This was our basic blueprint:

A asked for stripes specifically to match her brother


AM – play at home, then our first ever gym childcare experience.  It went wonderfully!  I did 45 minutes of running/weights while Annabel enjoyed a zillion new-to-her toys and Cameron basically napped (and downed a bottle).  There were 2 caregivers there for 3 kids in total (my two plus one more) and the facilities were clean and nice.  I am so happy that this worked well!

later AM – play date @ the playground.  Lots of running around time for A.

naps (even managed to get them both sleeping for perhaps 30 minutes simultaneously)

lots of costume/princess play, stickers, etc

takeout dinner

family breakfast (LOVE these.  Every time I walk (walk!) to the grandparents’ for a big get-together I am happy, and reminded: This is why we moved here.  A swam for at least an hour with her grandfather  and cousins while C and I chillaxed with family inside.

grocery store trip


pedicure with my SIL while a babysitter came to hang out with both kids for a while

home-cooked dinner that I made during the last ~30 minutes of the babysitting window

I did miss Josh but on my own I still had fun.  I am so excited about the extra BONUS day tomorrow with A&C – especially since Josh is off too!  Not sure what we’re going to do . . . maybe a zoo trip or other excursion?  Or the beach maybe . . . we’ll see.

Another development:

I’m trying out eating paleo (no grains/legumes/dairy/heavily processed foods).  I have wanted to do this for some time, but didn’t want to “experiment” with my body while pregnant or providing 100% of C’s nutrient needs.  I don’t think grains are terrible, but I rely on them too heavily and I also eat too many processed foods.  I’m thinking about doing it for a month and then reassessing.  So far: 2 days down, and it has been fine — enjoyable, even.  However, I expect it will get much harder as I go back to work on Tuesday and become crunched for time again.  TIPS/EXPERIENCES/EASY RECIPES welcome!!

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