What I Ate Tuesday (Paleo Edition)

September 17, 2014

Okay, I promise this will not turn into a paleo blog!  OR a food blog, or an “HLB”, whatever that means anymore.  But I had requests for this post, so here it goes:  pictures snapped of yesterday’s meals.

For reference, I did not run yesterday.  I am still doing partial breastfeeding (2 feedings/day and one pump midday).  I only took like 6,000 steps πŸ™‚ , which I know because I finally set up the replacement fitbit that was sent.

BREAKFAST: 7:00 am – eggs scrambled in butter, apple with cinnamon, spoonful of sun butter

SNACK: 10 am – unpictured handful of cashews
LUNCH: 12:30 pm – leftover salmon, sweet potatoes, and green beans
SNACK: 4 pm – LARABAR and some bone ages.

DINNER:  8 pm – Indian-spiced turkey burger (from Practical Paleo, though link to the simple recipe can be found in this blog post.  NO cilantro was used in this case though since I am a hater), salad with olive-oil based vinaigrette + pine nuts, few leftover sweet potato chunks.  Oh, and a half-glass of white wine which is probably not officially paleo but I’ve decided that it is for me.
SNACK: 9 pm – before-bed treat:

I’ll try to do this every couple of weeks while I continue to adjust to the new eating style.  There is nothing ‘perfect’ about it, and paleo die-hards would probably shudder at my “processed” LARABAR and white wine.  However, this style is a) mostly recognizable whole foods b) reasonably convenient c) tasty and most importantly d) seeming to work for me right now better than a conventionally healthy diet that contained wheat/dairy/etc and was likely higher in carbohydrates.
Except for the running slower thing.  Going now and really hoping for some muscle adaptation . . .