5 for Friday

October 3, 2014

1) I backed up my computer and phone yesterday (my phone to my computer, and my computer to an external hard drive).  For the first time in forever, as the song (from Frozen) goes.  Public service announcement to do this more often than I do 🙂

2) I’m working on my homemade training plan!  I’ve decided to do it myself and am making a hybrid plan using some workouts from the FIRST plan, a few from Train Like A Mother, and toning it down to fairly moderate level, since it’s my first racing season in a while and I a) don’t have a lot of time and b) don’t want to get injured.

recycled Instagram shot

3) Speaking of time, as I was planning out my training I was realizing the other day that my ‘free’ (non-parenting) non-work / non-commute hours on weekdays are:

     ~ 5am – 6:30 am
     ~ 8pm – 9:30 pm

7:45 pm: A’s story time.  One of my favorite parts of every day.
8:00 pm: both kids are in bed.  Another favorite part 🙂  Seriously, I love both.

And that’s it.  Accepting this limited framework is actually pretty eye-opening.  It makes me not want to waste a minute.  And so far I’m continuing to do really well with my email/social media moderation project.  FINALLY.  YAY!

4) I’m starting to get tired of the heat.  I’m headed out for a run in a moment and just checked my phone —  temp of 81F with 90% humidity; “feels like” 86F.  It’s 5:42 am.

5) Somehow in the midst of all of these days A&C are growing up.  It is bittersweet but also exciting.  A is 90% potty trained, and C is now sitting up in a high chair and backwards crawling, just like A did at his age.  Just wow.

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