Ditching the Distraction: Day 1 Status Report

October 23, 2014
WELL.  It has been one day, almost two.  I don’t have much to report yet.  But so far things are going well.  I decided to track both email checks AND social media/blog perusal, though I am only focusing on the latter category in terms of my bright line rule at this point.

Yesterday evening, Josh had to stay late in the hospital.  I put both kids to bed and then realized that I absolutely would have spent the next 30-60 minutes surfing around social media if it had been ‘allowed’.  Because it wasn’t, I spent the time perusing cookbooks instead and then settled in for some reading in bed (I’m about to move onto fiction but last night I finished the end of The Primal Blueprint, of all things).  It was nice and I enjoyed it — probably more than I would have enjoyed the equivalent amount of time spent on social media.

I will admit I also felt tempted to check my phone while playing with both kids (it didn’t help that I was using it to play Frozen songs at A’s request) but then resisted.  I allowed myself to just relax and enjoy the moment.  I think that I — and many of my generation — have forgotten that it’s okay not to be entertained every second of the day.  Sometimes you can just relax and be there and that’s enough.

For tracking, I’m just making a simple entry in my planner.  

SM = social media.  30 total minutes = not bad.
4 random highlights of the day

1) Hearing Pulp’s “Common People” in the car on the way to work.  That song brings me back to my college besties (though wayyyyyyyy back in 2002 no one used the word “bestie.”  Anyway, I digress.)

2) Great tempo run in the AM.  1 mile warmup and then 3 x 1 mi (~0.25 mi jog btw each) at 8:15/mi, 8:17/mi, 8:18/mi respectively.  I am seeing definite improvement!  Slightly cooler temps may be helping (it was 75 at 6am) but hopefully things will continue to cool down a bit more.

3) Seeing A in this costume.  (Halloween spoiler) (The outfit is a super-cheapie from amazon but my sister knitted the crown!)

She was smiling in other pix, but this one showcases the crown!

4) Finally finishing the 2013 PHOTOBOOK that had been on my to do list forever.  It really wasn’t ALL that arduous but was just the easiest thing ever to procrastinate.  It is in no way perfect but I still think we will all love it and look at it for years to come.  It’s also a whopping 92 pages.  I failed at editing. 

Posts in the pipeline

Another Day-In-The-Life post (now that both kids are sleeping.  Yayyyyyy.)

Another Paleo Update with daily meals/snacks (I know some of you are totally not interested in this and others have been asking for it)

A PLANNER post.  I was just thinking the other day about how I honestly CANNOT IMAGINE keeping track of all of life’s odds and ends without a planner.  I am dependent and addicted.  I want to show how I am using my Hobonichi Techo Cousin but I need to create some fake example pages first!

??? Suggestions welcome.  Because it looks like perhaps I’ll have a little more time if the Distractions remain Ditched.

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