November 9, 2014

I know it’s been a long time since my last post!  To sum it up, over the past 2 weeks,

* Annabel got sick with a cold

* I got sick (again) with a cold

* Cameron got sick with a cold but then developed bronchiolitis and honestly the whole experience scared me.  Like, 2 pediatrician visits and one ER visit scared me.  Watching your child breathe 80+ times/minute is terrifying.

* Cameron recovered in time for us to go on vacation for 5 days in Sanibel.


 There’s more, of course, but I’ll start there.

From this . . .

Back to this!

And this back at home for good measure:

Sanibel pix:

A on the back of Josh’s bike

One of two lovely romantic date nights (A got in the pic but stayed back)

Yes that is an alligator

Genetics at work!


Playground adventures
Other details about our trip:
1) We ate a LOT!  I strayed a bit from paleo (and by a bit I mean peanut butter pie with oreo crust and ice cream on top.  A big bit 🙂 ).  I enjoyed it — no regrets — but am back to my normal (yes, paleo is my normal now) routine.  Restaurant faves: Trader’s CafeIl CieloMad Hatter.
2) I had to do some work but it didn’t ruin the vacation.  I did ~2 hours one day and ~1.5 hours another while A&C were napping.
3) Our nanny, G, came on the trip (hence the date night pic).  It was amazing to have her there as it made the whole experience much more relaxing.  We didn’t do much kid-free time during the day, but had date nights on 2 of the 4 nights without having to think about a babysitter.  G also watched C while we did things with A that were not as baby-friendly (biking, a kayak ride).  Because she was there and so incredibly helpful, I don’t feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.  Otherwise, I fear that I would have!
4) We ran together every day but one.  Josh pushed Annabel (Cameron the last day) and we covered 3-4 miles each day.  I absolutely love running on vacation.  I feel like I get to know places so much better, and it’s just so nice and relaxing to head out without a deadline of ‘need-to-get-back!’ looming.
5) We got a massage one day!  A hot bamboo massage (similar to hot stone).  It was great although I think I like regular Swedish massages even better.  I want to incorporate a massage into every single vacation I take for the rest of my life.  End of story.
I’m feeling pretty refreshed and happy — so I guess the vacation worked!  I’m also thrilled that we came back on a Friday because I needed these two weekend days.  Tomorrow I’m actually working for part of the day (giving a presentation on PCOS/Irregular Menses to general pediatricians) but hopefully there will still be time for a good long run and some relaxation.

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