2015: a want-to-do list

December 31, 2014

I’m excited about 2015.  It will be the first year in quite some time that we are not awaiting some grand transition — new move / job / baby / etc.  I am looking forward to just settling in and LIVING instead of always prepping for/recovering from the next big thing.

A&C are currently nearly 2 3/4 and 10 months, respectively.  By the end of the year, they will be close to 4 and almost 2.  (Amazing.)  These months will not be easy (with C in particular, I suspect — I find ~10-20 months a particularly challenging age) but I know they will be memorable.  I want to be present for as much of that — mentally and physically — as is practical.   Yet I also want to work towards making sure I do some things that are just for me, too.

I always make New Years’ resolutions (classic upholder), but I don’t want to make very many this year.  I do have a few that I can think of, and I’ll write about those in a couple of days.  But — I do have a bit of a 2015 Want To Do list, so to speak.

Things I would like to do in 2015

Finish decluttering, Kon-Mari style
Properly train for and race a 5K
Take our first family Disney trip
Start A&C’s college funds (set up and start contributing to Florida Prepaid)
Go on a girls’ weekend with college friends
Go on a date weekend away with just Josh
See a live concert or play
Go out to a movie (we haven’t done this since before Annabel was born.  I know.)
Create 2014 photobook 
Ideally also finish some home improvement projects (renovate unfinished guest room), but I don’t want to create an unrealistic timeline.
  That’s . . . pretty much it, aside from a few more nebulous work goals (I need to get these clarified and on paper!).  This is separate from habits I’d like to work on/establish (those fall more into the ‘resolutions’ category for me).   It’s not a long or terribly exciting list, but if I can check these off by the end of the year, I think I’ll be pretty pleased.
Tonight’s plans:  to Josh’s parents’ house for family fun.   We are all going to sleep over so that the kids’ bedtimes (C’s in particular) aren’t an issue.  TIIIIIIME to nap so that I have any hope of lasting past 9:30 . . . 
Happy new year!!

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