just a few observations on a brief stint home with A&C

January 2, 2015
I just pulled off a DOUBLE CAR NAP TRANSFER!!!
(I feel like there should be a special parenting badge for things like that)

(A & C are 2 3/4 and 10 months, respectively)

1) THIS IS A TOUGH STAGE.  It’s an obscenely cute one, filled with smiles and laughter, and I know the memories will be precious, but it’s hard.  Physically hard and cognitively hard, but mostly physically hard.

Changing.  Wiping.  Cleaning.  Holding.  Rocking.  Washing.  Preventing C from hurting himself (this one is constant, and a challenge).  Repeat.  I want a massage.

2) Everything is more fun when it’s social.   I’ve noted this before, but making plans are key!  This is in part because — quite honestly — it gets lonely when you’re just hangin’ with toddlers (and almost-toddlers).

3) Trying to clean up with both kids on the loose is a lose-lose scenario because the mess will accumulate faster than you can clean, and it’s absolutely infuriating.

4) BOB miles are going to be slow.  Especially double-bob miles.  With 2 kids 23+34 lbs.  In 80 degree heat.  (At least there are no hills here.)

5) Bronchiolitis sucks.  A had ear infections, C has wheezing-illnesses.  They are terrible.  I’m less scared this time since it’s round #2, but I still can’t stand to watch my own child breathe 70 times/minute.

6) My time is SO LIMITED.  OMG.  Seriously, this is the first time I have sat down the entire day to just do something for me, and I’m keenly aware that my minutes are probably very limited (C never naps for very long, though A regularly does 2.5-3 hrs in the afternoon).

7) And therefore, corners have to be cut — I cannot (cannot) run, keep the house pristine, make dinner, blog, read, pay bills, journal, meditate, and make photobooks.  At least, not all in one day.  I am beginning to accept that, and I will own the choices I am making — such as to get takeout tonight, or to end this post now 🙂

On that note, I have been thinking about what I’d like for this blog in the new year.  I continue to want to write, but because of #6, I think I am going to aim for about 2 posts weekly.  Many of my favorite blogs post at that rate (some far less often!) so I hope that seems reasonable.  If you blog, how often do you post?  What is your favorite posting interval for blogs that you read?

There are some — like fancy that fancy this — that post once in a blue moon, and I get particularly excited when they pop up in my reader.

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