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January 13, 2015

We’ll just go in reverse order.

Currently enjoying a glass of Josh Cellars cabernet sauvignon.  We first bought this because — Josh wine!  Hahaha.  But it’s actually a really nice wine — to my unrefined palate, anyway.  
Alone time update:  your comments on Friday’s post were helpful.  Thank you.  I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but I’m thinking that a weekly night off (or even a twice monthly night off?) would be really nice and rejuvenating.  Now to find a reliable motivated babysitter . . .
My sole resolution is going very well so far.  I finished Wild in 10 days after being stuck hallway through for months last year.  In the end, I wound up really liking it.  Now I’m reading The Rosie Project.  
I’m thinking about alternating fiction and non-fiction selections.  Recs welcome 🙂
On the way home today, I listened to the first episode of Invisibilia.  I’m a podcast fanatic these days — they make my 30-45 minute commute actually fun.  I’m not even all the way through the episode, but so far it’s great.  In the first part, a man with intrusive obsessive thoughts is profiled, and there is a discussion about the evolution of psychology from Freudian to cognitive to Third Wave, which is essentially based on the concept of mindfulness.  In Third Wave, patients are trained to observe unhelpful/intrusive/negative thoughts without judgment.  In lieu of dissecting or confronting these thoughts, the goal is to let them simply float away.
I have been interested in mindfulness for quite some time, and love this application.  I will admit — I had some tough moments this past weekend while home with A&C all weekend (Josh was on call for the second weekend in a row).  When I struggled (with boredom . . . frustration . . . fatigue . . . etc — yes it happens), I judged myself for struggling and that made things ten times worse.  Next time, I’ll try to work on practicing equanimity — and that includes being accepting of my own faults and negative emotions.

he really is that happy
and her bedhed really is that crazy

Aghghgh, my half marathon is 2 weeks away and I don’t feel like I’ve made enough progress with training.  My post-baby half PR is 1:56:something, and I don’t see myself hitting that mark this time around.   Honestly, if I hit sub-2 hrs I’ll be happy — and I haven’t not run sub-2 since my very first half in 2005.  I think the two issues are:
— not enough fast running (no formal speed work)
— mileage is too low (I’m hitting low 20s, but nowhere close to 30 miles / week)
On the upside – likely due to the above – I’m not injured!
Pre-kids, I used to run 40 mile weeks and my half PR was 1:46:56 — an 8:10/mi pace.  I also tended to get significantly injured (tendon issues in my hip or Achilles) approximately every other training cycle.  I’m not sure I will ever get back to that level of fitness.  I would like to, though — even though there’s no real ‘point’, there’s such a satisfaction in feeling fast and strong and seeing improvement in split times and race PRs.  
After this race, I’m going to try to do some dedicated 5K training with real speed work.  I am even going to consider a coach or customized plan, just to make things more motivating and fun.  


  • Reply Siobhan March 10, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    and no injury is an upside indeed 🙂 GOOD LUCK on your race!!! and your efforts towards practicing mindfulness are extraordinairy xoxo

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